The Evolution Of Devlarn Ventures

The company started, registered and was known to be DEVLARN BUILDERS on October 27, 2007. The company is founded by Engr. Deryl A. Vargas and his wife Engr. Nathalie L. Vargas, general manager and finance manager respectively. DEVLARN BUILDERS deals with the construction of high end and medium housing projects.

As a result of continuous growth of the company, the husband and wife tandem decided to create a Corporation that will engage in General Construction and General Engineering (Vertical and Horizontal Construction) – Scope of Works: Architectural Works, Structural Works, Mechanical Works, Plumbing Works, Electrical Works, Fire Protection and General Auxiliary Works. Thus, on December 7, 2010, DEVLARN VENTURES & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (DVDC) was formed with a PCAB Category “B” accreditation.

Engr. Deryl Absalon Vargas, a registered Civil Engineer earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree at the Cebu Institute of Technology, now CIT-U. Currently he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of DEVLARN VENTURES & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, as appointed by the Board of Directors. He is the dynamic, enthusiastic and great pillar of the company.

Engr. Nathalie Laurente Vargas assigned by the Board of Directors as Vice President for Finance and Administration is a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering graduate from Western Institute of Technology and a registered Civil Engineer. She is the energetic and passionate officer behind the good management of Finance and Administration.

Through the good stewardship coupled with outstanding management skills of Engr. Deryl and Engr. Nathalie Vargas, DEVLARN VENTURES & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was steered to excellence on Building Construction and Engineering.

Excellent construction practice and management implemented by DVDC produced satisfied Clients on completed projects. Net Financial Contracting Capacity of the company is also at an incremental increase.

To cope with accelerating construction demands and requirements, DVDC applied for a category upgrade. After complying with all the requirements, the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board issued a Category “AAA” accreditation.
DVDC’s achievement through the years was cultivated by sheer management and financial acumen of the Top Management (Engrs. Deryl and Nathalie Vargas). Through their guidance and proficiency the company is more than ready to face challenges ahead, turning these challenges into opportunities and firmly gaining a foothold and a respectable name in construction industry.

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